Mr. Blanton donates books for our UF Dermatology Residents

UF Dermatology Residents with Mr. Blanton
UF Dermatology Residents with Mr. and Mrs. Blanton

UF Dermatology Residents were visited this past Friday, July 12th, 2013, by the former University of Florida graduate, Mr. Joe (Joseph) Blanton and his spouse. It has been a tradition for the past several years where Mr. Blanton donates brand new text books to all UF Dermatology Residents.

Mr. Blanton graduated from UF with the business degree in 1965. For the majority of his successful business career he has lived in the St. Petersburg, FL area but has never forgotten his Alma Mater. As a passionate philanthropist, Mr. Blanton enjoys in helping our dermatology program and we are very thankful for all of his gracious work!