Dermatopathology Compass

Congratulations to Dr. Vladimir Vincek on his recent publication of “Dermatopathology Compass“!  This is his second published book on the subject.  The first was “Dermatopathology A-Z: A Comprehensive Guide.”

This book is intended for residents of dermatology and pathology.The sheer number of different skin diseases makes the field of dermatopathology very hard to master. For a novice in the field, it is easy to get lost in the myriad of names and patterns that are often so similar but still different. Many years ago, as a new resident studying the field of dermatopathology, I remember many times where I felt like I was lost in the woods. Therefore, my goal for this book was to serve as a compass to residents to orients themselves in their dermatopathology journey.The chapters are organized so that the text description and photos are on the same page. I tried to provide low and high magnification photos for each disease as that is the way slides are examined under the microscope. I also tried to describe two diseases with similar histopathology on the same page so that they can be compared. Toward the end of each chapter, after describing all entities, I provided a summary page with recommendations for how to approach the diseases described in that chapter. Every chapter ends with composite photos of all diseases in that chapter for a quick overview. Some diseases are intentionally described in multiple chapters because of their overlapping histology. My hope is that Dermatopathology Compass will help all readers to navigate through the maze of dermatopathology more easily.