New Interdisciplinary Dermatitis Fellowship!

University of Florida Department of Dermatology

Interdisciplinary Dermatitis Fellowship


The Interdisciplinary Dermatitis Fellowship is an ideal opportunity for highly motivated individuals who wish to gain research and clinical experience in medical dermatology and allergy. Training will include educational time in specialty clinics (allergy, complex dermatology and contact dermatitis) under the guidance of UF faculty experts from the Department of Dermatology and from the Division of Rheumatology, Allergy & Clinical Immunology. Trainee will also be involved in an independent research project. The combined expertise of allergists and dermatologists will provide a stronger fund of knowledge when identifying patient with atopic and/or contact dermatitis. It will also give the fellow the skills necessary to perform and interpret allergy testing, and to educate and manage AD patients with known allergic triggers.

The fellowship duration is one year and provides training that is ideal for those interested in pursuing a future career in academic medical dermatology. There is flexibility in the research projects pursued, and these can include laboratory-based research studies or participation in clinical trials. The fellow will be an important part of the Department of Dermatology and Allergy Division and will be encouraged to pursue scholarly projects and present his or her research at meetings.


Fellowship Objectives:

  • Recognize and distinguish atopic and contact dermatitis from other common dermatologic disorders via utilization of appropriate screening methods
  • Become proficient at assessing severity and burden of disease on both patients and caregivers/family
  • Identifying patients that can benefit from allergy testing. Become proficient at performing and interpreting allergy testing (both percutaneous and intradermal testing). Become proficient in educating patients on allergen avoidance.
  • Implement an evidence-based treatment algorithm supporting individualized treatment plans including consideration for patients’ needs and preferences
  • Engage in shared decision-making and disease education discussions with AD patients and their caregivers with a goal of driving adherence to prescribed treatment
  • Engagement in a research project
  • Present at local and national meetings (e.g. American Academy of Dermatology and American Academy of Allergy and Immunology); publish manuscript(s) summarizing results of prospective study and clinical experience.



  • Medical school graduates (preferred)
  • Dermatology residency graduates or allergy and immunology fellowship graduates
  • Eligible for FL training license (preferred)


Duration of fellowship is 1 year, start date July 1st, 2022


Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and CV to:

Marjorie Montanez-Wiscovich, MD,PhD

University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, Florida