Testing Policies

Test Requests

All tissue specimens submitted to our lab must be accompanied with the properly completed test requisition form. Requested information includes relevant clinical history and necessary demographic information to assist with the consultation and simplify the billing process.

Test Cancellations

Cancellation requests received prior to set-up will be honored, and no charge will be made. Requests received after test set-up will not be honored. A report will be issued and charged appropriately. Requests for test cancellations may be made by calling our customer service department at (352) 594-1935 or toll-free at (855) 4UF-SKIN. Click here to view or download a Test Add-on & Cancellation Form (in .pdf format).

Test Additions

If sufficient specimen volume remains after the initial tests are completed, additional tests may be requested by telephone. Click here to view or download a Test Add-on & Cancellation Form (in .pdf format).

Repeat Determinations

Repeat determinations may be requested by the individual signing the consultation report.