What we do

Dermatopathology Division at the University of Florida Department of Dermatology offers these services:

  • Skin biopsy review
  • Consultative review (second opinion) of pathologic slides
  • Immunohistochemistry (extensive on-site menu)
  • Immunofluorescence (direct, indirect)
  • Nail testing for onychomycosis
  • Intradepartmental consultation with expert hematopathologists, soft tissue pathologists

Areas of Focus


  • Educating dermatology and pathology residents, as well as medical students at the University of Florida Health
  • Providing specialized training for the Dermatopathology Fellowship Program
  • Making continuing medical education and Board review courses available for dermatologists


  • Making dermatopathology services available for patients at the University of Florida Health
  • Providing dermatopathology services for community physicians throughout the state of Florida


  • Conducting dermatopathological and clinical research