Outpatient Service

UF Health Dermatology at Springhill (PGY 2, 3 and 4)

This is the general dermatology clinic for the University and represents a wide diversity of medical and surgical disorders. Patients of all ages, ethnicity and socioeconomic backgrounds are evaluated and treated in this clinic.

  • develop an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology of the skin, mucous membranes and adnexal structures;
  • recognize and diagnose common and uncommon dermatoses and neoplasias both clinically and histologically;
  • elicit and organize a history from the patient, including key components of past medical history, social history, medications and review of systems;
  • perform a thorough examination of skin, hair, nails, mucous membranes and lymph nodes;
  • organize the history and physical examination for oral presentation and chart documentation;
  • develop the fund of knowledge and organizational skills required for a sophisticated differential diagnosis;
  • become familiar with systemic drugs used by dermatologists and other care providers;
  • acquire greater understanding of topical medications, including prescription and non-prescription products, and specific indications and contraindications for these agents;
  • become familiar with synthetic surgical dressings and their applications;
  • develop proficiency in basic surgical skills: biopsies (shaves and punches) and simple excisions and repair;
  • perform and interpret office diagnostic tests (potassium hydroxide preparations, Tzanck smears, sarcoptes scrapings and hair pluck analysis);
  • become acquainted with application and interpretation of patch tests;
  • develop a greater understanding for phototherapy (types, indications, contraindications).