Seborrheic Keratoses, Milia, Wart Removal, Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Barnacles or age spots, and others

What can be done to treat seborrheic keratoses, milia, warts, and hyperplasia?

Destruction of SKs, Milia, Cherry Angioma, or Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Frequently asked questions:

How does this treatment work?

  • Your board-certified dermatologist may use one of many techniques to destroy the lesions and remove them from the skin.

How long does this treatment take to show results?

  • Depending on the lesion type and treatment chosen, results may be seen immediately following their treatment, or they may require multiple treatments for improvement to be seen.

How long do the results of this treatment last?

  • Although new lesions may appear, the results of lesion removal can last years.

Does this treatment have an expected recovery time or post-procedure downtime?

  • No; however, a patient should avoid sunlight in treated areas to minimize the risk of discoloration.