Skin Tags

What can be done to treat skin tags?

Skin Tag Removal

Frequently asked questions:

How does skin tag removal work?

  • Depending on the skin tag, removal is performed via manual removal, cryotherapy, or electrosurgery. Cryotherapy refers to the dermatologist freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen. Electrosurgery relies on an electric current to remove the skin tag.

How long does skin tag removal take to show results?

  • Results from manual skin tag removal are visible immediately following the procedure. Cryotherapy or electrosurgical removal may require 1-2 weeks before the lesion resolves.

How long do the results of skin tag removal last?

  • Although other skin tags may appear, typically, skin tag removal is a permanent procedure.

Does skin tag removal have an expected recovery time or post-procedure downtime?

  • No; however, a patient should avoid sunlight to minimize the risk of post-procedure discoloration.