Skin Cancer & Mohs Surgery

Our skin cancer staff delivers the highest standard of care for skin cancer detection, management and prevention, and includes a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon who provides the best available treatment for skin cancer.

The Mohs surgery technique involves removal of the cancer site with the immediate microscopic evaluation of the tissue. Any cancer detected in the surrounding tissue is then removed and clear margins are confirmed with the use of microscope. The Mohs technique provides the highest possible cure rates and smallest possible surgical defects, resulting in the best cosmetic results (i.e., smallest scarring).

Our skin cancer providers are committed to offering the most advanced, state-of-the-art skin cancer care available. Our team approach and interdisciplinary collaboration offers optimal care for our patients.


Skin Cancer Services:



If you would like to refer your patient to our ACMS fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons for treatment of a skin cancer, please click below to download our external referral packet.