Farm Activities

Bluefield Estate Winery

A family owned winery located on the eastside of Gainesville. In the early summer of 2006, as a new energetic couple, Jennifer and Bradley Ferguson starting making wine in their kitchen out of the blueberries produced on the family farm after the commercial harvest was complete. They are so proud to introduce you to the fruits of their labor and welcome you to Bluefield Estate Winery.


Red, White and Blue Farm (Amber Brooke Farms Williston)

At Amber Brooke Farms we’ve created a warm atmosphere where holding hands and dancing in the sun is encouraged. Singing off-key is no problem. And running with children makes you a kid again. Amber Brooke is more than a farm, it’s a warm retreat from busyness. A special place where memories are made again and again.
We invite you to enjoy the raw beauty and allure of Amber Brooke Farms where both body and soul are replenished.


Dudley Farm Historic State Park

The Dudley Farm historic site is accessible from a trail near the visitor center, leading to a segment of the original, non-paved, Gainesville-Newberry Road. The Farm maintains a registered Cracker cattle herd, and currently three Florida Cracker horses. There are also chickens and turkeys on the farm. During part of its existence, the farm was a large, local egg producer.Several citrus trees, represent the large commercial presence of citrus in north Florida during the late 1800s. Other fruit crops grown on the farm include figs, bananas, peaches, pecans and black walnuts.

Dudley Farm

Swallowtail Farm

Swallowtail Farm is located in southeast Gainesville, in historic Rochelle. The land is nestled under a mossy canopy of ancient live oaks, and buffered on all sides by pasture, prairie and wetlands. There is rich history to the land and homestead alike, and the farm is graced by grazed soils and bountiful native flora and fauna. We have brought our small dairy herd of Jerseys, our flock of laying hens, heritage breed pigs, and our own growing little family to help caretake the land. We believe that we are only visitors here, and are caretaking the land for the living earth.


Coon Hollow Farm

We are excited to welcome you to our 5th generation family farm, where we strive to provide families and friends with old-fashioned outdoor fun together and you might even get your hands dirty!

Coon Farm

Retirement Home for Horses, Inc. at Mill Creek Farm

In 1984, Peter and Mary Gregory created the Retirement Home For Horses, Inc., a nonprofit sanctuary for old, abused, and abandoned horses in Alachua, in North Central Florida.
The Retirement Home For Horses at Mill Creek Farm is 335 acres of tree-lined, rolling green pastures that is protected by a perpetual conservation easement that prevents the land from being developed, ensuring that the Retirement Home For Horses at Mill Creek Farm will always be a sanctuary for horses in need.