Pediatric Dermatology Research

By J. Schoch, MD

My research focuses on the establishment and evolution of the infantile cutaneous microbiome and how it relates to the development of pediatric skin disease. It is likely that early priming of the cutaneous immune system is necessary to “teach” the immune system to tolerate commensal organisms.  As we understand more about what organisms are present early in infancy, and how these organisms prime the immune system, we will understand more about how to prevent or treat common pediatric skin diseases. Imagine a world where we are able to apply something to the skin in infancy to prevent the development of eczema!

At the University of Florida, we have assembled an interdisciplinary team with expertise in neonatology, microbiology, and epidemiology to investigate the impact of the microbiome on the development of skin disease. As one of only a few pediatric dermatologists in the state of Florida, my unique expertise in pediatric skin development and disease will allow translation of the basic science into impactful changes in clinical care.